Serving Artisans of Change

You are a leader and see a window of opportunity for change on a broad scale. You see a way to transform a company, a supply chain or even an economy to better serve human beings.

However, the problems are complex, and the solutions are emergent but still unclear. It is difficult to quickly communicate your solution. Your team or organization may not even be aligned on the social or economic problem you are trying to solve for your customers or constituents. 

You need to get internally aligned on your solution and your story. You need powerful research and communication materials to enroll customers, donors, investors and other critical stakeholders.

Rembrandt Collective is your partner and guide in turning complex issues into clear and compelling narratives to activate your network for social impact, profitability and growth. 

Research & Strategy Service Offering

If you have a large-scale social or economic challenge, we can activate our network to build the intellectual and social capital of your organization to find innovative solutions to overcome your complex challenges.

We use our expertise and experience to serve as an objective third party that helps you access what we call the “collective intelligence” of the network.  

Collective intelligence is the shared intellectual and social capital of a group that emerges from well-structured cooperation, trusted relationships, market-based judgment and coordinated collective action.


Social Capital Offering

You may already have the right ideas but you need influence to turn your ideas into impact. We can help you build your social capital and introduce you to potential customers, partners, investors or donors in our network.