For each client challenge, Rembrandt Collective draws on following areas of policy and strategy expertise to help the client lead collective action for social impact.

Policy & Research Expertise

  • Local Innovation

  • Inclusive Growth & Economic Mobility

  • Economic & Urban Development

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Policy

  • Democracy & Legitimacy

  • Social Capital & Cohesion

  • Energy and Environment

Strategy Expertise

  • Collective Intelligence

  • Collective Impact

  • Storytelling & Stakeholder Communications

  • Community & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Customer Identification & Mapping

  • Human Centered Design & Design Thinking

  • Customer Enhanced Innovation

  • Public Private Partnerships



Ron Ivey, the Founder and Principal of Rembrandt Collective, is the lead on all client engagements and builds a “collective” uniquely tailored for each client need. You can read more about Ron's background here

If you are interested in learning more about the vision of Rembrandt Collective you can read more here